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Understanding Your Window of Tolerance: A Resource on Stress, Trauma & Resilience

‘Understanding Your Window of Tolerance: A Resource on Stress, Trauma & Resilience’ is a resource designed for men who have been incarcerated and are working in peer support roles. The resource is not intended to train peers to be therapists or counsellors. It is a way to share health information about stress, trauma and resilience. The resource content is designed to be delivered through a three-hour training workshop. This training can be incorporated into peers’ preliminary training or be incorporated as supplemental training.

‘Understanding Your Window of Tolerance’ is a literacy resource focused on sharing health information but we recognize the topic of trauma can be challenging even in this context. To ensure the safety of participants, the ‘Understanding Your Window of Tolerance’ training workshop should be presented by someone who has graduate-level training in counselling psychology or social work.

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