Participatory approach to preventing HIV, HCV, and related STBBIs with federally incarcerated people in BC


Project Funding: The Public Health Agency of Canada
Project Period: 2017 – 2022


The CCPHE is leading a 5-year participatory project to co-develop, implement, and evaluate an HIV/HCV/STBBI-prevention program with people who are incarcerated at two federal correctional facilities. The project will utilize a peer education approach to train incarcerated people as Peer Health Reps to co-facilitate the HIV/HCV/STBBI prevention workshops. The project team will develop a comprehensive health program that will reach people who are incarcerated as well as correctional/health care staff. The findings could be used to recommend ways that other Canadian correctional facilities might adopt participatory peer education approaches, and/or collaborate with community health organizations, to improve health in correctional facilities.


CCPHE PHR Program Year 1 Summary CCPHE PHR Program Training