About Us

The Canadian Collaboration for Prison Health and Education* (CCPHE) was established in 2006 as a means of addressing the distinct health needs of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. We are committed to encouraging and facilitating health, education, research, service, and advocacy to enhance the health, social well-being, and reintegration of individuals transitioning from prison back into their communities.

High numbers of people are incarcerated in Canada every year, many for short periods of time. Most of these individuals revolve in and out of custodial settings; recidivism rates are high. Incarcerated people have higher prevalence of illness and disease, including HIV, viral hepatitis, and mental illness. Upon release, many of these individuals face multiple barriers to accessing primary health care and attaining their socio-economic health goals. The transition period into communities is difficult and many individuals experience perpetual social exclusion.

With this in mind, the CCPHE is actively seeking to foster collaboration and partnerships between universities, prisons and the justice system, and communities, to reduce disparities that negatively affect those who are in custody or in the process of re-integrating into society. Individuals in custody or those who are re-integrating back into communities represents a population that is most deserving of a strong voice with regard to policy, research and education concerning the improvement of conditions for those temporarily residing in Canadian institutions. We especially welcome participation and membership from those of this population and those who wish to collaborate with us on our initiatives!

We invite you to please read more about our mission, goals and values.


*Originally named the Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education, CCPHE removed the word ‘Centre’ from its title to be consistent with UBC’s 2021 ‘Guidelines and Procedures for Faculty of Medicine Research Centres and Institutes.’ On April 6th, 2022, CCPHE changed its title to the Canadian Collaboration for Prison Health and Education. All documents, materials and resources produced by CCPHE from 2006 until the application of the new guidelines will continue to carry the original title.