New Course! SPPH 481c: Prison Health

A unique undergraduate course called ‘Prison Health’ is now being taught for the first time at UBC in the School of Population and Public Health!  Invited guest lecturers include interdisciplinary faculty, members of community organizations and correctional institutions, and men and women with previous incarceration experience.
Students will learn about the health disparities of incarcerated populations and the complexities of prison health. They will gain understanding and skills in order to apply interdisciplinary approaches to prison healthcare. Weekly assigned readings will be drawn from the book, ‘Arresting Hope’, and from the World Health Organization book, ‘Prisons and Health’.  Dr. Ruth Martin, SPPH Clinical Professor, explains “We hope that this course will inspire students to consider working with, and for, the health of incarcerated populations during their future careers.”

Photograph, from left to right: Heather Palis, PhD Candidate (Teaching Assistant); Matt Shupler PhD Candidate (Teaching Assistant); Carlos Magno Neves (Visiting Scholar); Ruth Elwood Martin (Course Instructor)