Health Beyond Bars Conference Proceedings

The Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education (CCPHE) hosted the Health Beyond Bars: Towards Healthy Prisons in Canada conference and public forum on February 20 and 21, 2014. The two-day event brought together 132 health care providers, formerly incarcerated men and women, academic researchers, and community, health, and correctional professionals. The purpose of the conference was to provide a space for learning, sharing, and action. Delegates were encouraged to share information from the conference with their home organizations; build strong networks and collaborations; embrace learning from other delegates; engage in inspiring conversations; and, explore new and effective ways of improving health of men and women whose lives are impacted by incarceration. The Health Beyond Bars conference focused on prison health, with special attention to creating healthy prisons in Canada. These conference proceedings represent a summary of the guest speakers’ presentations, panel discussions, personal narratives of formerly incarcerated men and women, and key recommendations generated from the round table discussions.

The Health Beyond Bars Conference Proceedings are now available for download.