UBC Medical School Prison Health

The Prison Health Project at UBC Medical School was started in 2008 with the goal of providing health education for incarcerated individuals in provincial correctional facilities while giving pre-clinical medical students the chance to work with this unique population. Each year, a new group of 2nd year UBC medical students took over the project and built upon what has been done in previous years. While feedback from the incarcerated individuals has validated the impact of this project, the experience has also been highly rewarding and formative for the students involved. For many involved, this project played a significant role in their development as empathetic, caring and competent physicians.

We hope that the Prison Health Project resources can become accessible to the community at large, formerly incarcerated individuals living within the community, and other medical students.

For the community at large, we hope this webpage can be a place to learn about and better understand the health needs of those in our correctional system. Perhaps it can serve to raise awareness, open dialogue, or encourage involvement.

For individuals with incarceration experience living within the community, it can serve as a resource to address continuing health needs. Whether they pertain to finding a family doctor, caring for one’s child, or learning about safe sexual practices, we hope these resources will be of use.

Lastly, we envision a platform where medical students from other universities in Canada can see what we have done, share their own experiences with us, and begin programs of their own. They could utilize our presentations and create some of their own, thus creating a collaborative space to share resources.

Our hope is that ultimately, this webpage will become a place in which people who are interested in improving the lives of incarcerated individuals, through education and health promotion, can come together, communicate, collaborate, and strengthen their respective programs.

UBC Medical School Prison Health Project – Student Presentations

(updated May 2014)